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5star treatment

Being disabled I have been to many physiotherapists, chiropractors and osteopaths over the years. Many have helped but without exception none have been anywhere near as effective and helpful as Julia Webster. Her level of knowledge and outstanding practical treatments make her "second to none". I have been a client for nearly 7 years and wouldn't even consider going anywhere else.

by Leanne Allen on North Down Physio

I have suffered 4 collapsed lungs due to a weakness in my lungs and due to extensive surgery ended up with a winged scapula. The winging of my shoulder blade always caused me so much pain which then in turn put pressure on my lower back. I attended an oesteopath for several years and would have had instant pain relief but unfortunately this only lasted for a few days then the pain would return.I was recommended to North Down Physio to Julia 5 months ago and it's been the best decision I have ever made.Julia is amazing at what she does and I have never been as pain free in my back as I have been since I started my treatment from Julia.Julia is so knowledgable in what she does and explains everything in detail about the treatment she is providing. She has worked on parts of my back including scar tissue that no other professional has ever mentioned could be worked on. The problems I have with my back are a lifelong problem and I am so grateful to have met Julia as she definitely keeps my back pain under control. I couldn't recommend Julia highly enough.

by Kerry Muskett on North Down Physio
Physiotherapy and Thai massage

I needed physio for an injured leg.Mark was brilliant. Really helpful and knowledgeable, and hopefully it is slowly improving.He recommended a Thai massage which was totally amazing ! Nicky you are a very talented lady!Thankyou!

by Curt Wigham on North Down Physio
Thai Massage

Really friendly staff, amazing massage from Nicky. It's an authentic Thai massage, so it can feel a bit strong if you are expecting just an oil rubdown. You won't regret it, though. Best Thai massage I've had in years!

by Sarah Jones on North Down Physio
Sarah Keys Method & Cat & Julia - thank you!

When I first developed sciatic pain in November 2015 I asked my friend who is a physio in Australia what I should do as it looked like the NHS review would take at least 6 months to come through. She said, 'find someone who does the Sarah Keys method, they stand on your back, I'm getting great results here'. So a quick google later I found North Down Physio and an appointment was made with Cat. Having someone stand on my back seemed like madness, but made me feel so much better! Once Cat moved to South Africa, Julia took over my case and has been brilliant. Over a year later I managed to avoid any surgical interventions and am now feeling alot better and more mobile. Thank You!

by Claire McBride on North Down Physio

My son was having trouble getting to sleep at night but thanks to Brendan he has now found a way to manage this through various techniques he is now a happier boy going to bed! And so is mummy!

by SANDRA WARNOCK on North Down Physio
Surgery is not always the only or best option

I suffered a cervical spine injury in March of this year due to wear and tear and past work related physical pressure in this area( manual handling and working with hoists for patients) . After extremely limited success with Facet Joint injections and in considerable agony i was desperate to avoid surgery at all costs but had no idea where to turn to. Through recommendation i was directed to Julia . She has completely stopped the endless pain and stiffness through specialist massage and exercises , always listening to and evaluating my responses throughout. After having to go three times a week for a short while to get me out of spasm i am now in the happy position of twice a month and will hopefully only have to attend when and if required in the future! My consultant is more than pleased with the great results Julia is achieving and it is reassuring to know that both branches of medicine are able to work in harmony. Thank you so much.

by Mark Robson on North Down Physio
Success! Ticked Every Box!

I used Brendan’s NLP techniques throughout. Really pleased and thanks so much for your help and inspiration. It’s been a really good summer in terms of goals achieved. At last I can have a rest!

by Fiona O' B on North Down Physio

With a combination of a hard hitting sport (rugby) and an equally rough day job,(veterinary surgeon!) I have had many reasons to visit the clinic at NorthDown physio. Cat has excelled in her diagnosis, management and treatments on each of these occasions. Her knowledge base is exceptional. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend NDP to team mates and colleagues alike.

by Roisin Boyd / Bonnie Ramsay on North Down Physio
Our highest recommendation

Coupled with the fact a member of the team ALWAYS returns your call, the physio treatment along side Paula's sports massages have been outstanding for my active, sporty teen daughter.It has taken some time with vague symptoms but no member of North Down was willing to give up! Finally we had a break through (a lot to do with adolescence) and as a parent watching something your child has worked so hard towards, fall apart is tough. I instinctively felt everyone involved had Bonnie's best interests at heart and were keen to find a result, patience was the key and I never felt we were brought for unnecessary treatments. I fully commend their physio treatment alongside Paula's massage if you are a sports person and keen to keep active. No treatment was ever pushed with us but we now maintain appointments with Paula and Cat periodically, as we had such a tricky 8 months before attending North Down! A*, we would not go anywhere else!

by Nicky Cahill on North Down Physio
Warm, Welcoming, Wonderful

There have been days when I have shuffled into North Down Physio, bent over in pain, and walked out, standing tall. The staff here are caring, welcoming, warm, and wonderful. They provide an excellent service in a professional but friendly manner. They have a genuine concern for the patient, and offer an integrated service.Everything about the clinic is of the highest standard, from booking an appointment to aftercare. There is value for money, and staff never pressurise into taking on endless rounds of treatment.I have been seen by Cat, Steve, Paula and spoken with Julia. I cannot recommend any of these members of staff highly enough or North Down Physio.Everything about this practice is excellent, I would also like to take this opportunity to thank North Down Physio for how their treatments have helped me.

by Anonymous on North Down Physio
Friendly, quality treatment!

Paula has really helped relieve the stiffness I get from playing hockey and having a chronic back problem. After each session my legs feel lighter and my back more mobile. Paula always has great advice and has referred me onto Cat for further treatment. I would recommend Paula and North Down Physio to any of my team mates!

by Ryan Boyd on North Down Physio

I have been suffering from severe back issues for close to 15 years and had surgery on my back 3 years ago. It has greatly affected my quality of life and as a result, I have seen everyone and anyone who has been recommeded to me in desperate hopes of finding a permanent fix for my back. Within the very first treatment, Julia not only identified the core issues that everyone else had failed to identify, but she went to work immediately using techniques that provided instant results. While I know the road to a healthy back is a long one, for the first time in 15 years I feel like I finally have a solid game plan to do so. That is ALL thanks to Julia and her incredible knowledge and dediciation to her patients.

by Stephen on North Down Physio
Life Changing - so often a cliché but not this time

Having been down most of the traditional backache relief routes without success I was facing the prospect that I might have to retire from my shooting career and hang up my guns for the last time in March 2013 at 46 years old, a sad situation indeed. Then a friend at work suggested I try something that had worked for him and since a positive referral from trusted source is always hard to ignore I asked him to explain. He told me about this lady in Holywood who had been walking on his back and while I suppressed my initial instinct to laugh out loud I wrote down the details because I was desperate enough to try anything, even if it did sound a little unconventional.I am writing this review in August 2013 and the next stop on my sporting career is a place on the UK team in the IPSC European Championships in Portugal next month, need I say more?Many thanks, Julia, for being an amazing, life changing expert in your field.

by Richard Willis on North Down Physio
1st Class treatment

After 18 months of suffering repeated episodes of severely “putting my back out”, I finally came across Julia and North Down Physio. Having unsuccessfully tried a chiropractor and other methods of sorting out this problem I was not holding out much hope of ever finding a solution. Julia was however able to confidently diagnosed the issue and got to work on straightening me out. I have noticed a steady improvement after each session and after only a few weeks of treatment am feeling very confident that I am well on the road to full fitness. The Sarah Key technique was not something I had come across before however cannot recommend it highly enough now. Thank you Julia.

by Anne Campbell on North Down Physio

I was first referred to North Down Physio and Sports Injury Clinic c.3 yrs ago by my partner after I hurt my back. Severe back pain had left me unable to walk any distance, undertake basic household chores, work, play golf, the list goes on. Over a period of time under Julia's dedicated supervision I returned to a level of strength, fitness and flexability which I hadn't known in a long time. A period of physio led pilates classes with Ally further enhanced the healing. Another injury has necessiated further treatment and I can already feel the benefits. Julia and her colleagues depth of knowledge, professionalism and friendly manner, coupled with a wonderful Hot Stone Massage at the Clinic with Paula has got me back on my feet again. Over the past 2 years, I have referred family and friends to the Clinic and they have all found the service and treatments excellent. Many thanks for everything.....keep up the good work.

by Keith Mulligan on North Down Physio

When I first attended North Down Physio in October 2009, I could barely walk into the building. Thanks to Julia and her team that has all changed. The minute you walk in for your treatment there is a sense of warmth and genuine caring. I can't praise Julia high enough and would'nt hesitate for a second in recommending her to anyone in a similar position as myself. I had Spinal Fusion Surgery in May 2012 and continue to see Julia and her excellent team regulary. My last 3 sessions have been wih Paula who has been working on flushing out the pain in my legs to excellent effect. After every session I feel tremendous benefit of her treatment, with the heavy feeling in my legs disappearing. Julia, Paula and the rest of the team go above and beyond for all of their clients, that is why if your having any problems, such as backpain or joint discomfort, get yourself down to North Down Physio. You'll reep the benefits and experience quick results.

by Anonymous on North Down Physio
Kept me running

Before seeing Julia, I had back and leg problems. Other physiotherapists told me that I should stop running. With the Sarah Key technique, Julia was able to fix all my back problems and through working with her and Steve on a regular basis I have had pain free running for a couple of years now and have been able to complete two marathons and various half marathons. I will continue to work with them both as, no matter what your age, fitness level or general ability they treat you just as important as any other client and always make you fell welcome.

by Sally McLoughlin on North Down Physio
A genuine caring, professional attitude. I wouldn't be on my feet without Julia.

I have been attending Julia for many years now - not because she hasn't been able to solve my problems but because she has! I have been suffering from a multitude of muscular/skeletal aches and pains over my whole body. Under Julia's guidance, we came up with a practical, long term treatment plan (using a combination of all of her many qualifications) which has literally kept me on my feet. A visit every few weeks or months, depending on how bad the ME is, has enabled me to actually live my life rather than be unable to get up at all. And there was no "insistence" that I "come every week". A genuine, caring, professional attitude towards my whole self (including my pocket!). I wouldn't even be upright without her. I have recommended her, and North Down Physio, to many and will not hesitate to continue to do so.

by Katherine on North Down Physio

I was here for work experience! I learnt so much about physio and found that Julia and Cat really are amazing physios! They will sort you out in no time!!! If I ever injury in the future I will be ringing julia!!!

by James Turner on North Down Physio
Very Friendly & Professional

From the moment I booked my first appointment I was made to feel a priority with a very individual treatment plan discussed and reviewed as the treatment progressed. I would strongly recommend to anyone.

by Dermot Cahill on North Down Physio
Honest & Professional service @ North Down Physio.

I have been a patient of the head physiotherapist Julia @ North Down Physio and in my time spent she, along with her team show and give fantastic professional advice and physio sessions.I would highly recommend her and her practice to anyone seeking treatment for sports or joint injuries.

Excellent Service!

Julia and Cat helped with a little back trouble I was having - the treatment and follow up advice was first class... Thank you!